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C. Gregory Crampton papers

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Inventory of the C. Gregory Crampton papers

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Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

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Collection Overview +/-

Title: C. Gregory Crampton papers
Dates: 1938-1979 (inclusive)
Collection Number: Accn0727
Summary: The C. Gregory Crampton papers (1938-1979) contain research materials on western history. Included are financial records from the American West Publishing Company, maps, research on the Zuni and Ute Indians, correspondence, clippings, bibliographies and catalogs, pamphlets and publications. Also included are twenty oral history transcripts of interviews conducted by students in History593 at the University of Utah. C. Gregory Crampton (1911-1995) was professor emeritus of history at the University of Utah and an author of works on the history of Utah and the West.
Repository: J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Special Collections
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0860

Collection Inventory +/-

box 1: Correspondence (1960-1974)

Also contains subject files: Firearms to Railroads.

folder 1: Academy of American Franciscan History to American Heritage

Contains correspondence with the Academy of American Franciscan History, the University of Alaska, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and .

folder 2: American River Touring Association
folder 3: Arizona Bureau of Mines to Association of American Indian Affairs

Contains correspondence with the Arizona Bureau of Mines, Arizona Highways, Arizona State University, and the Association of American Indian Affairs.

folder 4: "B" to Bureau of Indian Affairs Services

Contains correspondence with or about Arthur and Mary Brindell, Harold W. Bentley, the Bettmann Archives, Inc., Biblio-Card Company, Bryce Canyon National Park, and the Bureau of Indian Services.

folder 5: Centro Interamericano to Crow

Contains correspondence with or about the Centro Interamericano de Libros Americanos, copyright law, Rupert Costo, and Joe Medicine Crow.

folder 6: Department of History

Contains information about the University of Utah Department of History ethnic course offerings.

folder 7: Hakluyt Society to Hudson

Contains correspondence with or about the Hakluyt Society, the Handbook of North American Indians, Graduate School of Social Work, Heber Taylor project, Weldon Heald, John Held, Howard Stansbury, and Wilson Hudson.

folder 8: "I" to Library of Congress

Contains correspondence with or about the Idaho Bicentennial Commission, Indiana University, the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, International Bookfinders, the Institute of Historical Cartography, Idaho State Museum, Idaho State University, the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, the Indian Rights Association, Sanford Kanter, and the Library of Congress.

folder 9: Metlakatla Indian Community to Museum of Man

Contains correspondence with or about the Metlakatla Indian Community, Mexico Museums, and the Museum of Man.

folder 10: Railroads
folder 11: Idaho
folder 12: Montana
folder 13: Firearms
box 2: Correspondence (1949-1974)
folder 1: Museum of the American Indian to Oceanic Society

Contains correspondence with or about the Museum of the American Indian, the Northeastern Nevada Historical Society, and the Oceanic Society.

folder 2: Pacific Lutheran to Pro-Utah

Contains correspondence with or about Pacific Lutheran University, the Panamerican Institute of Geography and History, John D. Peterson, and Pro-Utah.

folder 3: Random House to Rough Demonstration School

Contains correspondence with or about Random House, Frederic Remington, the Rocky Mountain Social Science Association, Al Romney, and the Rough Rock Demonstration School.

folder 4: Frank Sanguinetti to Society for Historical Archeology

Contains correspondence with or about Frank Sanguinetti, Ron Smith, Smithsonian Associates, San Francisco State College, Society for Historical Archeology, and University of Utah social science courses.

folder 5: Southwest Foundation to State Reading Fair

Contains correspondence with or about the Southwest Foundation for Audio-Visual Resources, Stagecoach Press, and the Utah State Reading Fair.

folder 6: Taos Pueblo to Barbara Tyler
folder 7: Ute People
box 3: Correspondence (1954-1978)
folder 1: American West Center
folder 2: American West Center to Arizona Historical Society

Contains correspondence with or about the American West Center, Mary Jane Anderson, Virginia Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, and the Arizona Historical Society.

folder 3: "B"

Contains correspondence with or about Brigham Young University, the British Museum, and people with surnames with "B".

folder 4: Bancroft Library to Burkhard

Contains correspondence with or about the Bancroft Library, Dale Beecher, David Brugge, the Bureau of Reclamation, Dick Burkhard, and the Milwaukee Public Museum.

folder 5: "C" to Bullfrog Resort

Contains correspondence with or about the Arizona Department of Library and Archives, Bullfrog Resort and Marina, and the State Historical Society of Colorado.

box 4: Correspondence (1951-1976)
folder 1: American Philosophical Society

Correspondence concerning the Duke Project.

folder 2: University of California, Davis

Correspondence concerning the Duke Project.

folder 3: Rockefeller Foundation
folder 4: Barton-Wilcox, Democratization Study
folder 5: Arizona State Museum

Contains a special issue of National Geographic from 1967 containing the article, "The Hohokam, First Masters of the American Desert" by Emil Haury of the Arizona State Museum.

folder 6: Jon Barton
folder 7: AHA Branch Meeting (1970)
folder 8: Book Club of California
folder 9: "A"

Contains correspondence with or about the Aztec Club, the University of Arizona Press, Arizona State University, the American Indian Historical Society, the American River Touring Association, Leonard Arrington, the Arizona Pioneers Historical Society, Atlas Minerals, the University of Alaska, the American Folklore Society, and the American Historical Association.

folder 10: G.K. Hall and Company

Correspondence concerning the Duke Project.

folder 11: Acknowledgments
folder 12: Frederick J. Turner
folder 13: University of the Americas
folder 14: Baylor University
folder 15: Owen Wister
folder 16: Vatican Library
folder 17: U.S. Air Force
box 5: Correspondence (1938-1977)
folder 1: Correspondence (1947-1977)
folder 2: University of Utah Faculty (1947-1972)
folder 3: Navajo Indians
folder 4: Review Tallies
folder 5: LDS Church History Library (1967)
folder 6: Department of English

Contains a list of Western American publications by University of Utah English Department faculty.

folder 7: Fulbright Act (1947)
folder 8: Wilbur R. Jacobs, "The Price of Progress"
folder 9: Announcements
folder 10: Oral History Association
folder 11: Publications
folder 12: Notes
folder 13: Miscellaneous
box 6: Correspondence (1967-1972)
folders 1-5: Governors' Replies

Contains correspondence in response to letters Crampton sent asking the governors whether their states had divisions dedicated to Indian affairs.

folder 6: James Ford Bell Library
folder 7: Governors Conference, Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation
folder 8: Navajo Long Walk Centennial Celebration
folder 9: History of California Syllabus
folder 10: Miscellaneous
box 7: Manuscripts
folders 1-3: "Mormon Colonization in Southern Utah and in Adjacent Parts of Arizona and Nevada, 1851-1900"
folders 4-7: The Hoskaninni Papers
box 8: Manuscripts (1974-1975)
folders 1-2: "Mormon Colonization in Southern Utah and in Adjacent Parts of Arizona and Nevada, 1851-1900"
folder 3: The Complete Las Vegas
folders 4-12: Boating on the Upper Colorado River
box 9: The Hoskaninni Papers
box 10: Manuscripts
folders 1-2: Sharlot Hall, Sharlot Hall on the Arizona Strip
folders 3-7: Historical Sites in San Juan, Glen, Cataract, and Narrow Canyons
box 11: Navigational History of Bear River (1975)
folder 1: Maps and Photographs
folders 2-4: Research
folders 5-14: Interviews
folder 15: Correspondence, Steven K. Madsen (1975)
box 12: Navigational History of Bear River
folders 1-2: Drafts
folders 5-17: Research
box 13: They Talked Navajo (1971-1976)
folders 1-6: Correspondence (1971-1976)
folders 7-11: Drafts
folder 12: U.S. Marine Corps 4th Division Association
folders 13-14: Reunion
folders 15-18: Name Lists
folders 19-20: News Clippings (1971)
box 14:
folders 1-5: Military Correspondence and Documents (1942-1947)
folders 6-8: Code Talker Training and Dictionary
folders 9-12: Zunis of Cibola Manuscript Drafts
box 15: Zunis of Cibola
folders 1-16: Correspondence, Bureau of Indian Affairs (1882-1935)
folder 17: Children's Artwork (1970)
folder 18: Research
box 16:
folders 1-24: Correspondence, Pueblo Agency (1879-1934)
box 17: Zunis of Cibola
folders 1-6: Manuscript Drafts
folders 7-10: Correspondence, Pueblo Agency (1874-1879)
box 18: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts (1972-1973)
box 19: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts
box 20: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts
box 21: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts
box 22: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts (1967-1972)
box 23: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts
box 24: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts (1968)
box 25: Land of Living Rock , Manuscript Drafts (1968-1969)
box 26: Research, Atlas of Indian History
folders 1-2: "Outline History of the Glen Canyon Region, 1776-1922" VIEW Folder 2
folders 3-4: Notes
folders 5-6: Maps, Sketches, Illustrations
folder 7: French-Indian Relations, 1600-1800
folder 8: Population Data (1970)
folder 9: Battles (1783-1846)
folder 10: Protestant Missions Among the Indians, 1787-1862
folders 11-12: French Explorations and Settlement
folder 13: Buffalo
folder 14: Indian Territory, 1834-1866
folder 15: Tecumseh and the Indian Confederacy
folder 16: Indians and the American Revolution
folder 17: Spain in America
folder 18: Proclamation of 1763
folder 19: Pueblo-Indian Missions in New Mexico
folder 20: Indians of Oklahoma
folder 21: Military Forts to 1898
folder 22: Russian Exploration in Alaska
folder 23: Caribou
folder 24: Horses
folder 25: Canadian-Indian Land Cessions
box 27: Research, Atlas of Indian History
folders 1-7: Bibliographies
folder 8: Federal Indian Policy
folder 9: Indians of Mexico
folders 10-11: Museums
folder 12: Seals, Symbols, Statues

Items with Indian figures or designs.

folder 13: Indians of Vermont and Old Northwest
folder 14: Eastern Indians
folder 15: Indian Proper Names
folder 16: Shoshoni VIEW
folder 17: Indians of the Southeast
folder 18: Treaties
folders 19-24: Correspondence (1967-1973)
box 28: Research, Atlas of Indian History
folder 1: Indian Statues
folder 2: Textbooks and Indians
folders 3-5: Culture Areas
folders 6-9: Urban Indians
folder 10: Indian Wars
folders 11-13: Westward Expansion
folder 14: Yuma Tribes
folder 15: "Outline of Cultural Materials"

Contributors include George Murdock, Clellan Murdock, Alfred Hudson, Raymond Kennedy, Leo Simmons, and John Whiting.

folder 16: National Atlas of the United States
folder 17: Indians and the Civil War
box 29: Research, Atlas of Indian History
folder 1: Missions, Texas
folder 2: Missions, California
folder 3: Missions, Florida
folder 4: Indian Languages
folder 5: Field Museum of Natural History
folder 6: Physiographic Diagram of the United States
folders 7-8: Maps
folders 9-13: Bibliography of Atlases
folder 14: Public Archives of Canada
folder 15: Sheldon Jackson Museum
folder 16: Spanish Exploration in the Americas
folder 17: United States Population Statistics
box 30: Maps, Atlas of Indian History
box 31: Doris Duke Oral History Project (1968-1973)
folder 1: Gary Shumway
folder 2: Directors of the Seven Projects
folder 3: Chart, Range of Collection
folder 4: Notes, Zuni Collection
folder 5: Records Transfer
folder 6: Meeting, Duke Directors (1971)
folder 7: Project Proposals (1970)
folder 8: Publicity
folder 9: Jack Fitzwater
folder 10: John Sylvester
box 32: Doris Duke Oral History Project (1963-1973)
folder 1: University of New Mexico
folder 2: Zuni Project
folder 3: University of Florida
folder 4: University of Arizona
folder 5: University of Illinois
folder 6: Project Meeting (1970)
box 33: Doris Duke Oral History Project (1967-1979)
folder 1: Final Reports
folder 2: UCLA Conference (1967)
folder 3: Publication Ideas
folder 4: Leads
folder 5: Notes, Card Index
folder 6: Proceedings, Tucson Meeting (1970)
folder 7: University of Oklahoma
folder 8: List, Navajos Giving Statements
folder 9: Index, Genealogical Date from Potential Witnesses
folder 10: Quad References, Navajo Reservations and Peripheral Area
folder 11: News Clippings (1968)
box 34: Doris Duke Oral History Project (1967-1974)
folder 1: President Wilson's Address to the Indians
folder 2: Duplicate Materials
folder 3: Release Forms and Drafts
folder 4: Oral History Publication Programs
folder 5: Report and Proposal (1970)
folder 6: Director's Meeting (1970)
folder 7: Renewal Proposals (1971)
folder 8: Navajo Project
folder 9: Marriott Library, Letter of Transfer (1973)
folder 10: Interview Sheet
box 35a: American West Magazine (1961-1978)
folder 1: Asset Purchase Agreement
folders 2-3: Advertising
folders 4-5: Western History Association and University of Utah
folder 6: Editorial Post (1966)
folder 7: Spanish Borderlands Issue
box 35b: American West Magazine (1961-1966)
folders 1-2: Editorial Matters (1964-1966)
folder 3: Publicity
folder 4: Background
folder 5: Book Review Ideas
folder 6: Comments, August Issue (1966)
folder 7: Special "Canadian Borderlands" Issue
box 36: American West Magazine (1964-1967)
folder 1: Correspondence
folder 2: Live Inventory and Production Schedule
folders 3-4: Staff Memos (1965-1966)
folder 5: Miscellaneous

Contains documents concerning payments, complimentary copies, procedures, style requirements, illustrators, and published articles.

folders 6-25: Purchase Orders and Accounting Records (1964-1965)
box 37: American West Magazine Accounting Records (1966-1967)
box 38: Workshops, Utah and the West
folders 1-4: Memoranda (1961-1969)
folders 5-13: Correspondence (1961-1969)
folder 14: Mailing Lists, Golden Spike Symposium (1962-1967)
folders 15-17: Brochures, Lecture Oulines, Student Lists (1962-1966)
folder 18: Literature of Utah and the West (1962)
folder 19: Travel Information
folder 20: Tests (1968)
folders 21-23: Lecture Outlines (1968)
folder 24: Brochures, Memoranda, and Notes (1968)
folder 25: Enrollment and Grades (1968)
folder 26: Tour and Class Schedule
folder 27: Course Assignments, Schedules, and Notes
folder 28: Questionnaires
box 39: Organizations (1960-1977)
folders 1-9: Western History Association (1961-1977)

Contains information on elections and meetings.

folders 10-19: Utah Westerners (1967-1977)

Contains Constitution and by-laws, correspondence, brochures, newsletters, membership lists, notes, and meeting notices.

folder 20: Oral History Association
box 40: Oral History Association and Indians (1965-1977)
folders 1-2: Oral History (1971-1979)

Contains brochures and catalogs for organizations and repositories, as well as interview sheets and procedure guidelines.

folder 3: Canadian Indians (1971)
folder 4: Ute Indians
folder 5: American Indian Literature

Bibliography of books by and about Indians.

folder 6: Clark Knowlton, "Some Present Trends and Prospects among Indians of the Southwest" (1965)
folder 7: John Kitchen, "The Long Walk"
folder 8: Stephen Jett, House of Three Turkeys (1977)
folder 9: Stephen Jett, "Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contact"

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

C. Gregory Crampton (1911-1995), a native of Illinois, spent the majority of his life in the West, beginning in 1922 when his family moved from Illinois to Delhi, California. Unable to grow anything on their ranch, the Cramptons opened a roadside stand on Highway 99 where they sold produce as well as Indian and Mexican handicrafts. To keep the Crampton Trading Post stocked, Crampton and his father conducted buying trips throughout the West which left an indelible mark on Crampton and influenced his interest in the study of the West.

At eighteen, Crampton enrolled at Modesto Junior College. After graduating two year later, Crampton worked odd-jobs for two years until enrolling in a graduate program in history at the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied under the tutelage of Herbert Bolton, a historian who taught Crampton the value of the value of field work to historical research. Upon earning his Ph.D. in 1941, Crampton received a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship which allowed him to study in Latin America for one year.

Crampton returned to the United States in 1942 and began work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which found Crampton's knowledge of history and Latin languages invaluable for surveillance operations during World War II. In 1944 Crampton left the FBI to become Army Quartermaster Corps historian. The following year, Crampton was hired as an assistant professor of history at the University of Utah where he taught United States and Latin American history while also teaching courses for the Army Specialized Training Program. During his tenure at the University, Crampton directed a historical survey of Glenn Canyon, was director of both the Doris Duke Indian Oral History Project and the Western History Center, and was associate editor for The Amercian West magazine. Crampton retired from the University of Utah in 1978 and moved to St. George, Utah where he died in 1995.

Content Description +/-

The C. Gregory Crampton papers (1938-1979) includes correspondence, research files, manuscript drafts, accounting records, interview transcripts, maps, lecture notes, and editorial files.

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Materials must be used on-site; advanced notice suggested. Acces to parts of this collection may be restricteed under provisions of state or federal law.

Administrative Information +/-


Boxes 1 through 6 contain correspondence and related documents. Boxes 7 through 30 contain research files and manuscript drafts. Boxes 31 through 40 contain files related to Crampton's teaching, directorship of the American West center (including the Doris Duke Oral History administrative files), and editorship of the American West Magazine .

Copies of Crampton's original file folders have been made and placed with their respective material.

Acquisition Information:

donated by C. Gregory Crampton, 1980s

Processing Note:

Dylan J. Esson 2001


Crampton, C. Gregory (Charles Gregory), 1911-1995




20 linear feet

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Author of the Finding Aid:

Dylan J. Esson

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Manuscripts Division

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Subject Terms:

American West Publishing Company -- Records and correspondence
Zuni Indians
Ute Indians
West (U.S.) -- History
Material Types
Oral Histories

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Financial records
Oral histories

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