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John S. Boyden papers

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Inventory of the John S. Boyden papers

Table of Contents

Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

Biographical Note/Historical Note

Content Description

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Administrative Information


Collection Overview +/-

Title: John S. Boyden papers
Dates: 1929-1980 (inclusive)
Collection Number: Accn0823
Summary: The John S. Boyden papers (1929-1980) contain correspondence, biographical information, and documents relating to his dealings with Native American issues, Utah water issues, and politics. He was an attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Repository: J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Special Collections
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0860
Tel: (801)581-8864

Collection Inventory +/-

box 1: Biographical and Family Materials (1935-1982)
folders 1-4: Background Information
folder 5: Biographical Study (1982)
folder 6: Chronology
folder 7: Walter Mitchell Boyden, Funeral Service (1935)
folder 8: Ann Thomas Boyden, Funeral Service (1952)
folder 9: Orpha Boyden, Interview (circa 1977)
folder 10: Business Cards
folder 11: Ear Operation (1970)
folder 12: Hernia Operation (1977)
folder 13: Funeral Eulogies, John S. Boyden
box 2: Biographical and Family Materials (1957-1980)
folder 1: Personal History
folders 2-3: John S. Boyden Interview (1980)
folder 4: Daybook (1957)
folder 5: "Three Score and Ten in Retrospect"
folder 6: Summit County Fair, Program and Awards
folders 7-8: Sara Evans Sweeten, Personal History
box 3: Farm and Business Matters (1950s-1970s)
folder 1: Coalville Farm
folder 2: Equipment Purchased (1950s)
folder 3: Cattle (1970s)
folder 4: Horses
folder 5: Irrigation
folder 6: Elwin Rees
folder 7: Kenneth Rees
folder 8: Ideal National Life Insurance Company
box 4: Calendar and Day Books (1949-1955)
box 5: Calendar and Day Books (1956-1962)
box 6: Calendar and Day Books (1963-1969)
box 7: Calendar and Day Books (1970-1972)
box 8: Calendar and Day Books (1973-1975)
box 9: Calendar and Day Books (1976-1978)
box 10: Contributions and Honors (1960-1979)
folder 1: Boy Scouts
folder 2: Brigham Young University (1978-1979)
folder 3: University of Utah (1960s-1970s)
folder 4: Utah State University (1970)
folder 5: Utah State University (1970-1979)
box 11: Personal Correspondence (1965-1980)
folder 1: John Bierer (1965-1967)
folder 2: Personal Correspondence (1965-1980)
folder 3: General Correspondence (1973-1976)
box 12: Native-American Matters (1930s-1970s)
folder 1: Billing Slips
folder 2: Clippings (1930s-1950s)
folder 3: General Material (1940s-1970s)
folder 4: Hopi, General (1970s)
folder 5: Utes, Clippings (1940s-1970s)
folder 6: Notes (1970s)
folder 7: Published Material, Correspondence (1971-1979)
folder 8: Fryer E. Reesman, Correspondence (1966-1967)
folder 9: U. S. Attorney's Office (1930s-1940s)
box 13: Legal Matters (1930s-1970s)
folder 1: Office forms (1970)
folder 2: U. S. Attorney's Office (1930s-1940s)
folder 3: Hopi-Navajo Reservation Dispute (1950s)
folder 4: Hopi Settlement (1960s)
folder 5: Parker Nielsen Matter (1970s)
folder 6: "Polygamy and the Mann Act"
folder 7: Salt Lake City Teachers Cases (1950s-1960s)
folder 8: Miscellaneous
box 14: Legal Professional Associations (1929-1979)
folders 1-3: American Bar Foundation (1966-1979)
folder 4: American Judicature Society (1953-1960)
folder 5: District of Columbia Bar (1972-1975)
folder 6: Early Activities (1929)
folder 7: Federal Bar Association, Utah Chapter (1971)
folder 8: Inter-American Bar Association (1966-1971)
box 15: Legal Professional Associations (1960-1979)
folders 1-2: International Academy of Trial Lawyers (1960-1979)
folders 3-6: University of Utah College of Law Activities (1960-1979)
box 16: Personal and Community Interest (1919-1970)
folders 1-4: Boy Scouts (1919-1970)
folder 5: Boy Scouts, Administrative Materials
folders 6-7: Coalville Tabernacle
folder 8: Historical Organizations
box 17: Personal and Community Interest (1963-1973)
folders 1-2: Hobbies
folder 3: Home
folders 4-6: LDS Church
folder 7: Ray D. McCarty Memorial Service (1963)
folder 8: Newcomen Society
folder 9: Poetry
folder 10: Stamp Collecting
folder 11: Timpanogos Club
folder 12: University of Utah Emeritus Club (1973)
folder 13: Utah State University
folder 14: Utah Gymanfa Ganu Association
folder 15: Welsh Association
folder 16: Miscellaneous
box 18: Political Materials (1894-1976)
folder 1: Democratic Campaign Book (1894)
folders 2-5: Democratic Party Activities (1940s-1960s)
folder 6: Federal Judgeship (1949-1950)
folders 7-8: Governorship Race, Utah (1948)
folder 9: Governorship Race, Utah (1956)
folder 10: Harvard Hinton (1976)
box 19: Political Materials (1928-1976)
folder 1: Young Democrats (1930s)
folder 2: Senate Race (1940)
folder 3: Utah Analysis, Frank Jonas (1950s)
folder 4: Allen T. Howe (1976)
folder 5: Scott M. Matheson (1976)
folder 6: Frank E. Moss (1976)
folder 7: Miscellaneous (1928-1940)
box 20: Democratic Delegates List (1956)
folders 1-2: Salt Lake County Senatorial Districts Campaign (1956)
box 21: Counties, Organizations and Roster of Public Officials (1956-1957)
folder 1: Counties Campaign Organizations (1956)
folder 2: Roster of State and County Officials, Utah (1957)
box 22: Delegate Lists and Election Results (1948-1956)
folder 1: Delegate List, Salt Lake County (1956)
folder 2: Statewide Election Results (1948-1950)
box 23: Correspondence (1968)
box 24: Correspondence (1969)
box 25: Correspondence (1971)
box 26: Hopi, Zuni, and Ute Matters (1961)
folders 1-3: Hopi Research
folder 4: Brief in Support of Agreed Fee (Hopi)
folder 5: Appeal #13-74 U. S. Court of Claims, Hopi Tribe v. U. S. and Navajo Tribe
folder 6: Zuni Tribal Code
folder 7: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ute Indian Tribe
folder 8: Ute Indian Tribe Accountants= Report (1961)
box 27: Ute and Miscellaneous Native American Matters (1959-1964)
folder 1: Water Right Claims

Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation Utah.

folder 2: Ute Indian Tribe Farm Accountants= Report
folder 3: Ute Indian Tribe Development Program Loan Fund Accountants= Report (1961)
folders 4-5: Ute Indian Tribe, Law and Order Code
folder 6:
folder 7: BIA Mineral Leases
folder 8: Title 25--Native Americans
folder 9: Judicial Control of the Big Case (1959)
folder 10: Leighland Corporation By-Laws and Minutes
box 28: Cedar City Water
folder 1: Water Decrees VIEW
folder 2: Crystal Creek VIEW
folder 3: Water Conservancy District
folders 4-5: Navajo Lake VIEW Folder 4 Folder 5
folder 6: North Fork Reservoir Site VIEW
folder 7: K-CC Pipeline VIEW
box 29: Cedar City Water
folder 1: Bureau of Land Management Easement VIEW
folder 2: State Easement
folder 3: General VIEW
folders 4-6: Chalk Creek Water Association, Hoytsville VIEW Folder 5 Folder 6
folder 7: Environmental VIEW
box 30: Cedar City Water
folder 1: Federal Funding Cedar City Water Projects VIEW
folder 2: Maps and Charts VIEW
folder 3: General Correspondence VIEW
folder 4: Billing VIEW
folder 5: Navajo Lake VIEW
folder 6: State Legislation VIEW
folder 7: Central Utah Project, Power Allotment VIEW
folder 8: Dixie Project Legislation VIEW
box 31: Cedar City Water
folder 1: Matter Index
folder 2: Utah Exhibit Volume I VIEW Item A Item B
folders 3-6: Kolob Reservoir VIEW Folder 3 Folder 4 Folder 5 Folder 6
box 32: Paiutes
folder 1: Contracts
folder 2: Paiutes on the Navajo Reservation
folder 3: Duck Valley
folder 4: Moapa Band, General Correspondence
folder 5: Shivwits Band
folder 6: Indian Peak
folder 7: Kaibab-Paiute Tribal Code
box 8: Kaibab-Paiute v. Arizona Fish and Game
box 33: Paiute Claims (1951-1965)
box 34: Southern Paiutes--Contracts
box 35: Indian Claims Cases (1936-1965)
folder 1: Claims (Shungopovi) Docket #210

Shungopovi v. The United States.

folder 2: Supreme Court, Utah. Case No. 14434

Myron Brough v. Ramon R. Appawora.

folder 3: U. S. Claims Court, App. No. 9-62

Pueblo De Zia et al. v. The United States.

folder 4: U. S. Claims Court, CA No. 74-1936

Hopi Tribal Council v. Navajo Council and the United States, 1936.

folder 5: U. S. Claims Court, CA No. 77-1957

Hopi Tribal Council v. Navajo Council and the United States, 1957.

folder 6: U. S. Claims Court, Docket # 342-70 and 343-70

Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes v. The United States.

folder 7: Claims Commission Docket No. 18-B

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe v. The United States.

folder 8: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 22-C

Apache Tribe v. The United States.

folder 9: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 266

Pueblo De Acme v. The United States.

folder 10: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 283

Mohave Indians v. The United States.

folder 11: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 319

The Quechan Tribe v. The United States.

folder 12: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 326-C

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes v. The United States.

folder 13: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 328

Southern Ute Tribe v. The United States.

folder 14: Claims Commission Docket No. 330

Southern Paiute Indians v. The United States.

folder 15: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 351

The Chemehuevi Tribe v. The United States.

folder 16: Indian Claims Commission Docket No. 363

The Lower Sioux Indian Community v. The United States.

folder 17: Indian Claims Commission Extension U. S. H.R. 5566
folder 18: Index of cases before the Indian Claims Commission, 1965
box 36: Hopi Tribal Council Minutes and Correspondence
folder 1: Correspondence
folders 2-5: Meeting Minutes
box 37: Indian Claims Commission, Docket #196 Lawyers' Files
folders 1-2: Attorney's Reports
folder 3: Future Offsets
folders 4-5: Cost and Expenses
folder 6: Meeting Minutes
box 38: Indian Claims Commission, Docket #196, Court Documents
folder 1: Petition and Answer
folder 2: Response to Motion for a Rehearing
folder 3: Brief in Support of Petitioner's Motion
folder 4: Defendant=s Response to Petitioner's Motion
folder 5: Defendant=s Response to Plaintif's Memo
folders 6-7: Extracts from Plaintiffs Exhibits
folder 8: Final Award
folder 9: Findings of Fact
folder 10: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
folder 11: Hopi Tribes Response to Navajo Tribal Motion
folder 12: Hopi Tribes Response to Navajo Motion to strike extraneous Matter
folder 13: List of Exhibits Submitted by Hopi Tribe
folder 14: Memorandum with Points and Authorities Supporting Allegations
folder 15: Motion for Extension of Time
folder 16: Motion for Further Hearing on Dates of Taking
folder 17: Motion for Hearing of Oral Arguments
folder 18: Motion to Fix Time for Presentation of Evidence
folder 19: Motion to Strike Extraneous Matter
folder 20: Opinion on Matter
folder 21: Opinion on Title
folder 22: Order allowing Motion on Rehearing
folder 23: Order allowing Motion on Rehearing
folder 24: Order Denying Plaintif's Motion to Amend Findings
folder 25: Order Permitting Filing of Documentary Evidence
folder 26: Petition for Allowance of Attorney's Expenses
folder 27: Petition for Award of Attorneys Expenses
folder 28: Plaintiffs Objections to Defendants' Proposed Findings
box 39: Indian Claims Commission [ICC], Docket #196, Court Documents (1972)
folder 1: Petitioner's Reply Brief on Motion for Further Hearing
folder 2: Petitioner=s Requested Findings of Fact
folder 3: Pueblo Laguna Findings of Fact Brief
folder 4: Reply Brief of Navajo Tribe to Proposed Findings
folder 5: Statement in Support of Motion
folder 6: Transcript of Proceedings (1972)
box 40: Indian Claims Commission [ICC] , Docket #196, Attorney Records (1951-1965)
folders 1-2: Time Record and Vouchers (1951-1965)
folder 3: Claims Appraisal
folder 4: Claims Brief
folder 5: Maps and Other Information
folder 6: Contract and Minutes
folder 7: Proposed Rules, Indian Judgement Fund
folder 8: Plaintiff=s Exhibits, 16-39, 43-58, 60-82, and Misc
box 41: Indian Claims Commission [ICC], Docket #196, Attorney Records
folders 1-2: Correspondence
folders 3-4: Claims Contract, Hopi Tribe
folder 5: Hopi Tribal News
box 42: Indian Claims Commission, #196, General Services and Accounting
folders 1-2: General Services Reports
folders 3-5: Accounting Reports
box 43: Indian Claims Commission, #196, Supreme Court and Settlement
folders 1-2:
folders 3-5: Settlement Negotiations
box 44: Indian Claims Commission [ICC], #196, Misc. Files (1960-1969)
box 45: Indian Claims Commission [ICC], #196, Misc. Files (1961-1976)
box 46: Indian Law Resource Center, Conflict Charges Over ICC #196
folder 1: Brief in Support of Agreed Fee before Sec. Of Interior
folder 2: Conflict Charges
folders 3-4: Civil Action Case, No. 79-0540
folder 5: Report to the Hopi Kilemongwis and Other Leaders
box 47: U. S. Court of Claims Appeal No. 13-74
folder 1: Brief of the Hopi Tribe
folder 2: Brief of the Navajo Tribe
folder 3: Brief of the United States of America
folder 4: Motion for Rehearing and Suggestion for Rehearing
folder 5: Order
folders 6-8: Case Files
folder 9: Appendix
box 48: Superior Oil Co. v. USA, Case 904
folder 1: Research File
folders 2-4: Case Files
box 49: Healing v. Jones, Civ. No. 579, Hopi Research
box 50: Healing v. Jones, Civ. No. 579, Trial Documents
folders 1-3: Prescott Files
folder 4: Allen H. Tibbals Notes
folder 5: Plaintiff's Exhibits
folder 6: Trial Documents
box 51: Healing v. Jones, Civ. No. 579, Trial Documents (1960-1963)
folder 1: Stipulation RE: Admissions of Documents
folder 2: Brief in Support of Agreed Fee
folder 3: Brief Dates
folder 4: Exhibits
folder 5: Findings
folder 6: Statement of Wilbur E. Morgan (1960)
folder 7: Father Barard Haile Testimony (1963)
folder 8: K.T. Johnson Testimony
folder 9: Donald Maho Testimony
folder 10: Peter Nuvumsa Testimony
folder 11: Irvin Pabanack Testimony
folder 12: Kirkland Polacca Testimony
folder 13: Justin Sanderson Testimony
folder 14: Edna Sequi Testimony
folder 15: Hopi Biographies
folder 16: Affidavits
folder 17: Motions
folder 18: Questions of Law
folder 19: Exceptions to Defendant=s Proposed Findings
folder 20: Questions of Fact
folder 21: HR 10337, Letters to Senators and Replies
folder 22: U.S. Supreme Court, Healing v. Jones
box 52: Healing v. Jones, Civ. No. 579, Miscellaneous (1952-1967)
folder 1: Correspondence (1952-1963)
folder 2: Memorandum (1952-1967)
folder 3: Proposed Witness List
folder 4: Chart of Hopi Towns and Population Estimates
folder 5: Executive Order Map
folder 6: Navajos
folder 7: Hopi Reservation, Grazing District # 6
folder 8: Excerpts from Hearings before Sub-Committee on Indian Affairs
folder 9: Notes
folder 10: Published Sources
folder 11: Notes from Books
folder 12: Miscellaneous Notes
folder 13: Miscellaneous Note Cards
box 53: Healing v. Jones, Civ. No. 579, Contract and Fees 6 Fds
folder 1: Healing v. Jones Contract
folders 2-6: Hopi Tribal Fee Contract No. 5886
box 54: Utes, Colorado River, Shoshone and Bannock, Apache Tribes
folder 1: Ute of Uintah-Ouray
folder 2: Colorado Indian River Reservation
folders 3-5: Ft. Hall Shoshone-Bannock
folder 6: San Carlos Reservation Council Ordinance No. 3-55 San Carlos Apache Tribe
folder 7: Ft. Apache Indian Reservation
box 55: Northwestern Shoshones, Numbered Attorney Files
folder 1: Census (23500)
folder 2: Fish and Game Rights (23501)
folder 3: Evans and Associates (23502)
folder 4: Relinquishment of Trial Membership (23504)
folder 5: Attorney's Report (23506)
folder 6: Expenses, General (23507)
folder 7: Division Criteria (23507 A)
folder 8: Settlement Hearing Transcript (23508)
folder 9: Transcript of Congressional and Senate Hearings (23509)
folder 10: 500,000 Award (23510)
folder 11: Legislation (23511)
box 56: Northwestern Shoshones, Numbered Attorney Files
folder 1: Preparation of Roll (23512)
folder 2: Brief in Support of Agreed Fee (23513)
folders 3-4: Appeals, Enrollment Matters (23514)
folder 5: Preparation of Regulation (23515)
folder 6: Distribution of Funds (23516)
box 57: Hopi, Numbered Attorney Files
folder 1: Political, Herbert C. Holdridge (15500)
folder 2: Political, Native American Rights Fund (15600)
folder 3: Political, Navajo General (15700)
folder 4: Political, Robert J. Welliever (16100)
folder 5: Sam Shing (17500)
folder 6: Brigham Young University (20013)
folders 7-8: Fred Eggan (20030A)
folder 9: Dr. Robert C. Euler (20030B)
folder 10: Legislation, Correspondence (20130A)
folder 11: Legislation, Legislative History (20130B)
folder 12: Legislation, Senate & House Hearings (20130C)
folder 13: Legislation, Resource Material (20130D)
box 58: Hopi, Numbered Attorney Files
folder 1: Firm Name Change (101)
folders 2-3: Lease for Religious Purposes (9200)
folder 4: Political, Mary Garnwath (14600)
folder 5: Political, Platt Cline (14800)
folder 6: Political, H. C. Diehl (14900)
folder 7: Political, General (15000)
folder 8: Political, M. Norman Littell, Attorney (15100)
folder 9: Political, Thomas Jenkins, (Banyaca) (15200)
folder 10: Political, Caleb Johnson (15300)
folder 11: Political, Theodore G. McKesson (15400)
box 59: Political Materials

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

John Boyden (1906-1980) was an active Democrat, who ran unsuccessfully for governor of Utah in 1948 and 1956. In the 1930s, he served as a national officer of the Young Democrats organization. He operated a farm in Coalville, Utah, and was also an executive officer of the Ideal National Life Insurance Company. He served the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a member of the Sunday School General Board and as a ward bishop.

Content Description +/-

The John S. Boyden papers (1929-1980) consist of personal and professional items related to Salt Lake City attorney John S. Boyden (1906-1980), whose practice dealt largely with American Indian matters. Biographical and personal documents, transcripts from interviews with Boyden and his wife, documents regarding his business activities, calendars and daybooks, and correspondence are included. Boyden's papers detail his involvement in American Indian legal affairs, including those concerning the Ute, Hopi, Paiute, Shoshone, Bannock, Apache, and Zuni tribes, as well as the Indian Claims Commission. Boyden's political campaigns are documented in the collection, as is his involvement in Utah water issues.

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Twenty-four hours advance notice encouraged. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.

Administrative Information +/-


Arranged to the folder level.

Acquisition Information:

donated by Boyden family, 1985, 1990

Processing Note:

Luke Kelly 1995, 2000


Boyden, John S. (John Sterling), 1906-1980




29.5 linear feet

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Author of the Finding Aid:

Luke Kelly

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Manuscripts Division

Subjects +/-

Subject Terms:

Democratic Party (Utah)
Indians of North America -- Legal status, laws, etc.
Ute Indians.
Electioneering -- Utah.
Politics, Government, and Law
Political Campaigns
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Water and Water Rights

Form or Genre Terms:

Briefs (legal documents)

Personal Names:

Boyden, John S. (John Sterling), 1906-1980

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