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Charles Eggert photograph collection

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Guide to the Charles Eggert photograph collection

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Collection Overview +/-

Title: Charles Eggert photograph collection
Dates: 1955-1956, 1960s (inclusive)
Collection Number: P0766
Summary: The Charles Eggert collection consists of slides documenting the Eggert-Hatch filming expedition, the purpose of which was the make the last films of the Green and Colorado Rivers before construction of the Colorado River Storage Project was begun in 1956. The collection also includes photos taken during the creation of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Eggert was a photographer and independent filmmaker from New York.
Repository: J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Special Collections
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0860
Tel: (801) 585-3073

Collection Inventory +/-

folder 1: Start of trip to Red Canyon

1: Fred Wood

2: Below Green River, Wyoming

3: Charles Eggert

4: Cid Ricketts Sumner

5: Uintah uplift, north side

6: High riverbank below Green River

7: Below Green River, Wyoming in bluff country

8: Erosion above riverbank

9: Approaching storm, Brown's Park

10-11: Below Green River, Wyoming

12: Approaching storm over Uintah Mountains

13: Approaching storm, Brown's Park

14: Below Green River, Wyoming

15-16: Cid Ricketts Sumner, author

17: Tony Tuttle

18-19 Approaching Flaming Gorge

20: Flaming Gorge

21: [boats]

22-23: Horseshoe Canyon

24: Kingfisher Canyon

25: Red Canyon

26-27 In Red Canyon

28-30: Charles Eggert photographing

31: Ashley Falls, Brontosaurus

32: In Red Canyon

33: Red Canyon

34: Around the dinner table, lunch

35: Carter Creek(?)

36-37: Carter Creek Camp, Red Canyon

folder 2: From Lodore Canyon to Labyrinth Canyon

38-44: Gates of Lodore.

45: Lodore Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument

46-47: Lodore Canyon

48: Looking out gates of Lodore

49: In the river in Lodore (?)

50: Boatmen look over Hell's Half Mile, Lodore

51: Party at Hell's Half Mile

52: Hell's Half Mile, Lodore Canyon

53: Looking over Hell's Half Mile

54: Don Hatch, Hell's Half Mile

55: Don Hatch and "No Name" at Hell's Half Mile

56-57: Lodore Canyon.

58: Cataract Canyon

59: Echo Park and Steamboat Rock, Dinosaur National Monument

60: Eggert at Mantle's new view point, Yampa River, June 17, 1955

61: Echo Park

62: Fred Wood above Yampa Canyon

63: Echo Park

64: Yampa Canyon

65: View from field above Echo Park

66: Charles Eggert at Mantle's new view point above Yampa, June 17, 1955

67-69: Desolation Canyon

70: Bridge, Highway 50, Green River, Utah

71: Ancient Indian storage houses, Labyrinth Canyon

72: Al Galloway carves expedition insignia on Labyrinth Canyon wall

73-74: At "insignia" location

75-76: Labyrinth, Stillwater

77: Rock Butte, Labyrinth Canyon

folder 3: From Labyrinth Canyon to Hidden Passage

78-80: Labyrinth and Stillwater [canyons]

81: Butte of the Cross, Labyrinth

82: Labyrinth and Stillwater [canyons]

83-84 Entering Cataract Canyon

85-87: Cataract Canyon

88-89: Walls of Cataract Canyon

90: Charles Eggert at river register, below Cataract Canyon

91: Charles Eggert and Bruce Lium carving insignia

92: Don Hatch in Cataract Canyon

93-94: Charles Eggert carving insignia in Cataract Canyon

95: Charles Eggert and Don Hatch standing below carved insignia, Cataract Canyon

96: End of Cataract Canyon

97-98: End of Cataract Canyon with Navajo sandstone cliffs of Glen Canyon in distance, approaching Hite, Utah

99: Glen Canyon, 1955

100: Side canyon, Glen Canyon

101: Looking out from Amphitheater, Glen Canyon

102: Charles Eggert, Tony Tuttle, and Al Galloway swimming, Navajo Creek, Glen Canyon

103-106: Swimming Hole, Navajo Creek

107: Glen Canyon

108: Bridge Canyon in Glen Canyon

109: Narrow Bridge Canyon below Rainbow Bridge

110: Bridge Canyon en route to Rainbow Bridge

111-113: [Rainbow Bridge]

114: Bridge Canyon en route to Rainbow Bridge

115: Tony Tuttle in Glen Canyon

116: Amphitheater Hidden Passage, Glen Canyon

117: Creek bed in Hidden Passage, Glen Canyon

118: Walking up creek bed in Hidden Passage

119: Fred Wood, Hidden Passage

120-121: Hidden Passage

122: Entrance to Hidden Passage

123: Huge Amphitheater in Hidden Passage

124: Carrying camera, Hidden Passage

125: Walls of Hidden Passage

126: Fred Wood in Hidden Passage

127: Hidden Passage

128-129: Fred Wood, Indian petroglyphs, Hidden Passage

box 2: Canyon Voyage, start of trip to Cataract Canyon
folder 1:

130: Start of trip

131: Buttes below Green River, Wyoming

132: Sunset, Camp #1

133: Don Hatch, Bruce Lium, Leslie Jones

134: Tony Tuttle and Don Hatch in rain above Flaming Gorge

135: Buttes below Green River, Wyoming

136: Approaching Flaming Gorge

137-138: Flaming Gorge

139-140: Horseshoe Canyon

141: Red Canyon

142: Up river from Ashley Falls

143: Fred Wood and Dr. Robert Parson at Ashley Falls

144: Don Hatch, Tony Tuttle, Fred Wood at Ashley Falls

145-146: Kingfisher Canyon

147: Brown's Park, lunch site

148: Lodore Cabin

149: Fred Wood and Don Hatch, Lodore Cabin

150-151: Lodore Cabin

152: Hell's Half Mile

153: Lodore Canyon

154: Cid Sumner and Tony Tuttle, Green River, Utah

155: Hell's Half Mile, lining small boat, Cid Sumner

156: Don at Hell's Half Mile

157: Expedition flag in Lodore

158: Echo Rock, Cid, Steamboat Rock

159-160: Yampa Canyon

161: Mitten Park Fault

162-166: Desolation Canyon

167: Grey Canyon

168: McPherson campsite, Grey Canyon

169: Butte from North

170: Book Cliffs, Green River, Utah

171: Above camp #15, Labyrinth Canyon

172: Camp #15, Labyrinth Canyon

173: Labyrinth Canyon

174: Bruce Lium in Labyrinth [Canyon]

175: Tortoise Head, Labyrinth [Canyon]

176: Tony Tuttle, Indian Ruin, Labyrinth [Canyon]

177-182: Labyrinth Canyon

183: Butte of the Cross

184: Stillwater Canyon

185: [Above Stillwater Canyon?]

186: [Stillwater Canyon?]

187: [aerial view, Stillwater Canyon?]

188: Fred Wood, Tony Tuttle, Bruce Lium, stopping to inspect 1st rapids, Cataract

189: Sacred Datura

190: Here we go, Cataract

191: Al Galloway runs her thru Cataract

192: We made it!, Bruce Lium, Al Galloway, Tony Tuttle, Cataract

193: Cataract Canyon

194: Bronto in rapids, Cataract

195: Cataract Canyon

196: Bronto in rapids, Cataract

197: Taking a good look, Al Galloway, Don Hatch, Bruce Lium, Cataract

198: Going to inspect rapids, Cataract

199: Fred Wood waiting for rapids inspectors

200: Rapids! Cataract

201-203: Cataract Canyon

204: Camp #18, Cataract Canyon, July 2

205: My Bedroom, Camp #18

206: Night view, Camp #18, Cataract

207-208: Cataract Canyon

209: Bruce Lium prepares Camp #18, Cataract

box 3: Canyon Voyage, from end of Cataract Canyon to Deercreek Falls
folder 1:

210: Dark Canyon campsite

211: Cataract Canyon(?)

212: End Cataract

213: Glen Canyon

214-216: Rock slide, Amphitheater

217: Indian ruin, mile 150, Glen Canyon

218: Hole-in-the-rock trail

219-221: Hidden Passage

222: Hidden Passage, Maiden Hair Fern

223-225: Hidden Passage

226: Confluence of Green and Colorado rivers

227: Cid Sumner swims

228-230: Twilight Amphitheater

231-232: Bridge Canyon

233: Glen Canyon

234: Rainbow Bridge

235-237: Glen Canyon

238-239: [Glen Canyon]

240: Don Hatch

241: Charles Eggert

242-243: Al Galloway

244: (?) Chasm Campsite

245: Al Galloway

246-247: [Cliff dwellers, Arizona]

248: Ship Rock

249-250: Monument Valley

251: Clark, Don Hatch, and Charles Eggert at Lee's Ferry, 1956

252: Looking downstream, Lee's Ferry, June 1956

253: Clark Lium (?)

254: Bruce Lium inflating Bronto

255: Preparing boats, Lee's Ferry

256: Navajo Bridge

257-259: Vasey's Paradise, Grand Canyon

260-262: Marble Canyon

263: At House Rock, Marble Canyon

264-265: Red Wall Cavern

266: [Marble Canyon camp]

267: [Marble Canyon]

268-269: Jack Brennan at Bert Loper's Boat

270: Bert Loper's Boat

271: Don Hatch

272: Siesta, Don Hatch and Bruce Lium(?)

273: [Marble Canyon]

274: [Brontosaur and crew]

275-276: [Camp at Marble Canyon]

277: Little Colorado River

278: Fred Wood, Al Galloway, Dick, Stern, Clark, and Bruce Lium

279-280: Little Colorado River

281: [Near Unkar Delta]

282: [Grand Canyon]

283-285: [Elves Chasm]

286: Elves Chasm

287-289: Deer Creek Falls

box 4: Canyon Voyage, from Havasu Creek to Grand Canyon
folder 1:

290: [Grand Canyon]

291: Havasu Creek

292-294: [Havasu Creek]

295: Havasu Creek

296: Charles Eggert and Fred Wood

297: Doug Harvey, in Brennan Party

298: Grand Canyon Camp

299: [Fern Glen]

300: [Lower Grand Canyon]

301: [Lower Granite Gorge]

302: Devil's Slide, lower end of Grand Canyon

303-308: [Near Lava Falls]

309: Separation Canyon

310: Brennan, plaque at Separation Canyon

311: Maverick party of 4, we met at Separation

312: In Lake Mead

313: [blank]

314: Lake Mead

315: Sunset, Lake Mead

316-317: Lake Mead

318: [Grand Canyon]

319: Various rock strata, Grand Canyon

320: Looking north-east up Colorado River, Grand Canyon

321-325: [Grand Canyon]

326: Start of granite outcropping on Colorado River

327: Looking east, Grand Canyon

box 5: Dinosaur National Monument from start of trip to Lodore Canyon
folder 1:

328: [aerial, entrance to canyons]

329: [aerial, Dinosaur National Monument]

330: [aerial, Steamboat Rock?]

331: [aerial, Echo Park area?]

332: [Green River near Harper's Corner?]

333: [aerial, Green River]

334: Harper's Corner

335: [road to Split Mountain?]

336: [Split Mountain Canyon]

337: Ford Ranch Wagon at mouth of Split Mountain

338: Split Mountain, looking north-west

339: [Split Mountain]

340: [hills above canyon]

341: [exploring]

342-343: [rock formations]

344: [petroglyphs]

345: [photographer]

346: [dinosaur quarry?]

347: Bus Hatch, Jones Creek

348: Rubber boats, mouth of Jones Creek looking upstream, Whirlpool Canyon and tip of Harper's Corner in the distance

349: [near Jones Creek, loading boats]

350: Aerial view, Echo Park area, Steamboat Rock in lower center

351: Driving to Harper's Corner from US 40 on a wet day

352: [driving to Harper's Corner]

353: [overlooking a canyon]

354: [interior canyon road]

355: Mantle Ranch, deep in Dinosaur National Monument

356: [Mantle Ranch]

357: [Yampa Canyon]

358: [preparing boats, Yampa River]

359: Yampa Canyon, Yampa River

360-361: [Yampa Canyon]

362: [tourists in Yampa Canyon]

363: Yampa Canyon

364: [Yampa Canyon]

365: Yampa Canyon, curve of Yampa River

366: [Yampa Canyon]

367: Yampa Canyon

368: [Yampa Canyon]

369: High walls of Yampa Canyon between Castle Park and Echo Park

370: [shelter]

371: [river bend]

372: [river, Yampa?]

373: Boating party on way down Yampa and Green Rivers, shadow of Steamboat Rock

374: [Steamboat Rock]

375: [tree, Steamboat Rock]

376: [campsite, table]

377: [rock cliff]

378: [Echo Park]

379: Storm breaks in Echo Park

380: [Echo Park]

381-382: [Yampa?]

383: A part of Yampa

384: [Echo?]

385: In Whirlpool Canyon on Green, site of Echo Park dam

386: [Whirlpool Canyon]

387: Boating party leaves river to explore Whirlpool Canyon

388-389: [tree bridging rocks]

390: [tourists view canyons]

391-392: [Echo?]

393-394 [Whirlpool?]

395: Looking west down Green in Whirlpool Canyon at mouth of Jones Hole Creek

396: [overlooking Lodore?]

397: Looking downstream on Green at the approach to the gates of the Lodore

398: Gates of Lodore, north end of Dinosaur National Monument

399: Entering Lodore Canyon through gates of Lodore

400: [Lodore]

401: Looking downstream below the gates of the Lodore in Lodore Canyon

402: Lodore Canyon

box 6: Dinosaur National Monument from Lodore Canyon to end
folder 1:

403: [walls of Lodore Canyon]

404: The ancient Green River carved deep rock whirlpools in the side of Lodore Canyon

405: [tourists in Lodore Canyon]

406: A portion of the canyon wall near the head of Lodore Canyon

407: [Bert Loper's Boat]

408: Natural Amphitheater carved in side of Lodore Canyon

409: [dinosaur quarry?]

410: [Lodore?]

411: [dinosaur quarry?]

412: [man]

413: [tourists, lunch, Split Mountain?]

414: Split Mountain, looking north-west

415: Looking north up Jones Hole Creek, Bus Hatch returning with fish

416: Damaged Petroglyphs

417-418: [petroglyphs]

419: [horse petroglyph]

420: [petroglyphs, two slides together]

421: Indian petroglyph near Split Mountain Gorge

422: [car in a canyon]

box 7: Brontosaur

Model Boat

box 8: Froggy

Small rubber frog mascot

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-


The Hatch-Eggert Expedition grew out of a conversation held between Don Hatch and Charles Eggert during the Echo Park Dam controversy. Eggert, a film-maker, and Hatch, son of Bus Hatch, founder of Hatch River Expeditions, agreed to put together a river trip for the purpose of filming the river canyons of the Green and Colorado--following the course of John Wesley Powell's exploration in 1869 before the great dams were built. Photography and other personnel consisted of Charles Eggert, the photographer; his assistant, a student named Anthony Tuttle; and Fred Wood, Cid Ricketts Sumner, and Dr. Bob Parsons, all of whom were chosen by Eggert based on their answers to an ad he placed in the Saturday Review of Literature. Boatmen, besides Don Hatch, included at various times Les Jones, Bruce Lium, Clark Lium, Al Galloway, and Sylvester "Smuss" Allen. They started from Green River, Wyoming, in June 1955, in two boats, a 10-man raft and a pontoon. They reached Lees Ferry, Arizona, later that summer without serious mishap. However, by then the water had reached a low stage and Don Hatch judged that it was too low for a safe passage through the Grand Canyon. They agreed to meet again the next summer, when the water would be higher, to complete the journey through the Grand Canyon. Accordingly, they met at Lees Ferry in June 1956, with mostly the same people, although there were some changes. Fred Wood and Charles Eggert were the only two of the original members who made the complete trip through the Grand Canyon, which was, again, done without problems. Charles Eggert made two films, A Canyon Voyage and Danger River which he took on the lecture circuit and showed to audiences all over the country. Eggert is a photographer and independent film maker from New York. He was actively involved in several conservation movements in the 1950s and 1960s, including the Echo Park Dam controversy; the creation of Canyonlands National Park; and the controversy over the proposed dams in the Grand Canyon.

Content Description +/-

The photographs of Charles Eggert in P0766 document his expeditions down the Green and Colorado Rivers in the 1950s, as well as other conservation activities in the 1960s . Boxes 1-4 contain images taken during his 1955-56 voyage down the Green and Colorado, undertaken to document the river canyons before the construction of Flaming Gorge and Glen Canyon dams. These runs resulted in the films Danger River and Canyon Voyage , which are found in A0511. Boxes 5-6 contain images taken during the Echo Park Dam controversy, during which Eggert made the films Wilderness River Trail and This is Dinosaur . These films are considered by modern historians to be instrumental in halting the construction of the proposed dam. Background material on all of these films and other aspects of Eggert's career can be found in ACCN 1659. The photographs are 35mm color slides and 2 x2 inch color transparencies. Original descriptions on the slides are included in this inventory. If there was nothing written on the slides, and a description was added, that will also be in the inventory but enclosed in brackets [__].

Also included in this collection is a small model of Eggert's expedition boat, the "Brontosaur" and a small wooden frog, "Froggy", that was tied to the front of the boat.

In a February 2002 addendum, Eggert added photographs from the last leg of the Eggert-Hatch expedition, through the Grand Canyon in 1956; prints and negatives taken in Everglades National Park for the National Park Service in 1952; and prints, stereo slides, and 2x2 transparencies taken in the Canyonlands region during the filming of The Sculptured Earth in the mid-1960s.

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Materials must be used on-site; advance notice suggested. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.

Administrative Information +/-


Collection is arranged in chronological order.

Acquisition Information:

donated by Charles Eggert, 1999, 2002

Processing Note:

Kristi Pace, Roy Webb 1999 October , 2002 February


Eggert, Charles, 1918-




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